First Martians is landing in 2017

October 12, 2016 - 3:20pm
first-martians First Martians, the big sequel game to the popular co-op game Robinson Crusoe, is landing on store shelves in 2017.  First Martians is a cooperative game where you and your follow space travelers are working to survive the harsh martian landscape.  While you won't have to fight off bears and other wildlife, you will need to establish yourself a base as well as find a way to get food and water.  There will also be the inclusion of a campaign mode where what you accomplish in one game will have effects on later games, almost like a legacy system but without the permanent changes.  There will also be the standard game mode for playing one at a time, as well as a open world mode where you explore as much of Mars as you can before you aren't able to survive anymore. Personally I am very excited for this game and look forward to it's release!