Now on Kickstarter from 808 Games, Infusion

October 10, 2016 - 11:59am
infusion-comp Infusion is another in the long line of deck-building games, and hopes to set itself apart with interesting card combinations and theme.  Infusion is a sci-fi deck building game with a literary twist in that most of the characters are from classic books.  Some examples of the characters available, each with special powers and cards, are Alice, Giphetto, Robin, and S.N.O.W. White.  In the beginning you will only be able to play out one character card at a time, with cards giving you the ability to play out more to accomplish bigger tasks.  While the usual buying of upgraded cards is there, the main focus of the game is completing the missions set up at the beginning of the game.  When you complete those mission you will be getting points and extra benefits, helping you to win the game. The game is currently running on Kickstarter, and if it sounds interesting to you then check out the campaign page.