Now on Kickstarter from Dux Nova, Hope City

October 8, 2016 - 4:46pm
hope-city Hope City is the first game from Dux Nova and is a fully cooperative game of trying to save your city from corruption.  In the game you will be gaining resources from a bag, and taking actions either good or bad in nature.  Take the good action to do one thing, take the bad action to do something better, but also risk taking corruption and breaking bad.  If you turn bad you still help everyone towards the main goal, but now you have character flaws that will bring the whole team down.  So collect resources, achieve different objectives, resist punks and keep chaos from reigning in your city as you rebuild.  If you manage to build and hold onto three new city sites by the end of the game, you win. hope-city-comp I am a sucker for a good cooperative game, and the combination of push your luck and a bit of bag building makes this game very intriguing.  You can check out the game and pledge for your own copy on it's campaign page.