Mayday Games to publish Gajin Dash and Bucket King 3D

October 8, 2016 - 4:36pm
gaijan-daash Mayday Games have picked up the rights to publish English versions of two games, Gaijin Dash and Bucket King 3D.  Gaijin Dash is an interesting mix of dexterity, quick thinking, and luck, all wrapped up in a game about crossing the street.  In the game you will put out cards depending on the number of players, from there you will see what hazards are shown on each card.  Then everyone will pick up a token of that hazard and spin it, while all the tokens are spinning you put your hand on a card.  Once all the tokens stop, you look to see what came up heads, showing the hazard, and compare it to the cards.  Any cards that does not have any hazards showing are points, cards that have the hazards are a penalty.  Keep going around like this each round until someone has 11 points and is the winner. bucket-king-3d Bucket King 3D is a reprint of Stefan Dorra's game called The Bucket King, bringing this kooky dexterity, card game back into print with 3D buckets.  In the game everyone has a pyramid of buckets in front of them, and on the start player's turn they will play out cards from their hand.  Then each player will have to do one of two things, either play cards to exceed the previous total in the same suit, or lose a bucket.  Play will continue around, often with you playing out more cards than you draw back up, and losing buckets when you don't have the right cards.  The game will end once someone is eliminated, and the person with the most buckets left is the winner. Look for both of these games on store shelves from early to mid 2017.