Now on Kickstarter from Wibai Games, Pathogenesis

October 8, 2016 - 10:49am
pathogen Wibai Games is trying their hand at designing a deck building game, and so they have taken the human body's immune response to pathogens and created a game out of it.  In Pathogenesis you are the pathogens that are attacking the body of some person, specifically targeting the tissue, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems.  On each turn you will use your hand of cards, like any other deck builder, and purchase newer and better cards to mix into your deck.  However, the difference here is that when it comes to attacking the cells, you will build your pathogen in front of you, using the connections on the card to build it.  Thus it stays there between turns, and as long as it isn't destroyed by the body's immune system, you will be able to add more parts to it later to make it stronger.  So everyone is working together to break down the body's barriers and resist the immune response, and deal enough damage to the systems to achieve victory.  Take too long and the body will fight back and develop an immunity, resulting in your loss. The game is currently fully funded and moving into stretch goals, so if you want to back for your own copy then head on over to the campaign page today. path-tokens