Geeks under Grace interviews Antoine Bauza

October 4, 2016 - 3:45pm
antoine-bauza Geeks under Grace is a geek website that looks at things like anime, video games, comics, and most recently, board games with a Christian perspective.  So in pursuit of that interest they were able to land an interview with 7 Wonders designer Antoine Bauza.  They talk about some of his past and current designs, whether he starts with mechanics or not, and then they talked about some games he is working on.  Three games that were mentioned in the interview were a new 7 Wonders expansion called Armada, a collaboration with Eric Lang called Victorian Masterminds, and finally a new coop game called Oltréé.  Victorian Masterminds has a tentative release of early 2017, the other two games are still in development so we will just have to wait for more information to be released.  You can read the full interview on the Geeks under Grace website.