The Guardian writes about the rise of tabletop games

October 4, 2016 - 3:43pm
Image from The Guardian Image from The Guardian

All of us here love board games, and Tom and the gang does a great job of getting information out there, but why is the industry booming like it is?  The folks over at The Guardian were wondering the same thing so they started where it made sense, a board game cafe in Oxford called the Thirsty Meeple.  They do a pretty good job of reviewing a lot of the leaps and bounds board games have made over the years from expanding cooperative games to taking steps to be more inclusive.  The article is capped off with a short biography on Matt Leacock, designer of games like Pandemic Legacy and Forbidden Desert, and some solid game recommendations.  It's an excellent read and they paint the board game industry in a good light, I highly recommend giving the article a look on The Guardian's website.