Ogre Sixth Edition coming from Steve Jackson Games in December

September 29, 2016 - 10:19pm
ogre-6th Those of you who backed for the massive Ogre Designer's Edition back in 2013 won't have to worry too much about this new release, but for the rest of us it bears mentioning.  Steve Jackson Games will be releasing Ogre Sixth Edition at the start of 2017, bringing the massive box down to something more manageable.  While the amount of content will not be able to compare, you will still have everything you need for one to three players to deploy armies and try to blow the heck out of each other.  In the box will be two 3D constructible Ogres and 58 full color counters for all the various army units that can be fielded.  It also comes with a 21" x 34" full color map with 16 different terrain overlays to allow for many different scenarios to be created.  Also of note is that if you do have the designer's edition and get this new set, it is 100% compatible and will grow your armies to ever larger sizes.  Look for this new edition on store shelves in January of 2017.