Coming in October from Z-Man Games

September 29, 2016 - 9:50pm
nautilion October is a big month for Z-Man Games with no less than 5 new games or expansions being released, so lets quickly run through the list.  First is a new addition to the Oniverse in the form of Nautilion, a one to two player cooperative game where you are trying to save the Happy Isles from destruction.  To do that you have to pilot your sub to the enemy stronghold, but along the way you have to recruit additional crew to be able to defeat Darkhouse.  Get there with your entire crew before Darkhouse's minion can reach the Happy Isles and you will win! experimental-meds Next is an expansion to Pandemic: The Cure called Experimental Meds, which adds a couple new modules to the game.  First is the addition of a fifth disease to be cured, meaning you will have to work a bit harder to be able to clear them all out.  Next is a mechanic called Hot Zones, this is where dice are rolled that change the rules in some way, often making you job just that much harder.  But lastly you find some help in the addition of 8 new characters to the game. feast-for-odin Next is Uwe Rosenberg's latest worker placement type game called A Feast for Odin.  This is a euro game on the heavier side where you are vikings trying to be the best viking you can be through trading, hunting, raiding, pillaging, and plundering.  Then you will need to arrange all that plunder onto your boards like a Diablo backpack, and then later convert those spoils into precious victory points.  This game has already been reviewed by Tom and Melody and has garnered a Seal of Excellence so you know that it is worth checking out. amazonas Next we have the latest installment in the Carcassonne series with Carcassonne Amazonas, taking the game to the jungles of the Amazon.  You will be building out the forest like before and looking for animals, fruits, and visiting villages you find in the forest.  But be careful, there is a race going on so you can't let your opponents get too far ahead of you on the river, because the first one out ends the game and gets bonus points. iberia Last is the latest Pandemic board game, and that is the limited print run of Pandemic: Iberia.  This game takes Pandemic to 1848 on the Iberian Peninsula as you fight back against the spreading diseases of the time and the lack of infrastructure.  Some new aspects of the game include purifying water to prevent placement of disease cubes and building railroads to help travel quickly.  Can you stop the diseases before they spread too far? Look for all these games to be out in the month of October.