New entry in the Commands and Colors line coming soon from GMT Games

September 29, 2016 - 9:37pm
commands-med Commands and Colors is a game system that has been used for many years now as a simple and straight forward wargame system.  Some of it's notable entries include games like Commands and Colors: Ancients, Battlelore, and Memoir '44.  This new entry, Commands and Colors: Medieval, takes us back to the dark ages to fight the battles between the Byzantine Empire and the Persians between 530 and 627 AD.  A few modifications were made to system to tweak balance like upping some unit sizes, adding armor effects, or adding abilities to when units evade.  The game is currently being funded through GMT Games trusty P500 system and so once the orders reach 500, the game will be printed. You can head over to the GMT Games website to check out more about the game, and add your own order to the system at a discounted cost.