Paizo Announces Retail Incentive Program for Pathfinder Society

September 29, 2016 - 9:24pm
pathfinder-society Paizo has announced an incentive programs to encourage players of Pathfinder RPG's organized play format, Pathfinder Society, to make purchases at their local retail establishments when they play there. The program offers a one-shot in-game global effect for the session being played that day as well as other individual effects for each player. To trigger the benefit(s), a player must show a receipt of at least a $10 purchase made at the establishment to the Game Master, who will then apply the bonus to each player at the table for that one game session. Additionally, if the total receipts at the table amount to $50 or more, the abilities are enhanced to a stronger version than the base ability. You cannot stack the same benefits together, but it is possible to combine both the basic version together with it's enhanced version. The program is opening up with 4 benefits (Harder to Kill, Cheaper Healing, Recover from Wounds, Bonus Wealth), 1 of which is global (Harder to Kill). For the full details, head on over to Paizo's blog.