Sirlin Games announces new expansions for Codex

September 28, 2016 - 7:49am
codex Codex is a customisable, non-collectable real time strategy card game. Flagstone vs Blackhand is the first expansion to be published featuring two factions. The Flagstone Dominion (blue) faction's Law spec allows you control your opponents with devastating effects. The Peace spec lets you build an army and destroy buildings. The Truth spec is full of illusions creating cheap but fragile fighters. codex-exp-1 The Blackhand Scourge (black) faction's Demonology spec offers you powerful Demons, but with costly consequences. The Disease spec weakens and then kills units, careful not to kill your own! The Necromancy spec gives you an army of skeletons at your command! codex-exp-2 The second expansion, Whitestar vs Vortoss, also features to new factions. The Whitestar Order (white) faction's Discipline spec has highly trained monks and versatile spells. The Ninjutsu spec has fast, stealthy Ninjas. The Strength spec is strong with lots of defense. The Vortoss Conclave (purple) faction's Past spec can rewind your opponent's progress but your own units may fade away over time. The Present spec is about make the most of the present moment. The Future spec has advanced technology, that may start in the future you so better get ready to wait for it! For further information please visit Sirlin Games by clicking here.