Spyfall sequel coming from Cryptozoic in January

September 29, 2016 - 9:27pm
spyfall-2 The party game that has garnered a lot of buzz and popularity is getting a sequel, that you could also use as an expansion, Spyfall 2.  Spyfall 2 will feature the same gameplay you have come to know and love, but with a few additional twists and improvements that come with new versions like this.  First is an up in player count with each deck of cards being 12 instead of 8, allowing for up to 12 people to play at once.  Second is the addition of additional spy cards, so now when the party gets bigger or the spy hunters get better, you can add an extra spy to keep things interesting.  Last, and what makes this edition like an expansion, is that there are 20 brand new locations in the box, so mix this set with the previous and you will have 50 different locations to choose from.  So look for this new addition to hit stores in January of 2017.