Now on Kickstarter from Drawlab Entertaiment, Mystic ScROLLs

September 28, 2016 - 9:58am
mystic-scrolls Drawlab Entertainment, the folks behind the Legendary Dice Throwers, have launched a new Kickstarter for their dice rolling game called Mystic ScROLLs.  For an idea of what the game is like, I would say take the game Roll For It, add a fantasy theme, and then make all the dice rolling real time.  But there is more to it than that, while the bulk of a round is spent furiously rolling dice trying to obtain the new spell that was revealed, there are other things to think about.  Such as the spells you already have, because point scoring is not the goal of the game, eliminating your opponents is.  So each spell you acquire will help you in some way by giving you magic points to use, deal damage to other players or heal your own.  So while you are frantically rolling for that new spell, you need to pay attention to your own spells, putting dice on those to be able to active them.  And once all the dice rolling has finished, then you resolve all the spells cast, adjust people's hit points, reveal a new spell and start all over again until only one player remains standing. mystic-scrolls-cont The game sounds great for a real time dice roller, and with variable powers in the form of different starting spells for each character, not just some exercise in who can roll dice better.  Then there is the art by Asterman Studio, who have done an excellent job making everything look magical and fantastic.  So if you want a fun dice game with some direct interaction, give this game a look and pledge on it's campaign page.