Rio Grande Games are releasing Dominion Second Edition

September 28, 2016 - 7:37am
dominion-second Rio Grande Games seems to be having a tough time letting go, having once tried to stop making new expansions for the classic game Dominion.  Now they are going a new route with the game and starting over with a second edition of the game and it's expansions.  Dominion Second Edition will feature 25 kingdom card types to choose from when setting up the game, and 7 of those card types will be brand new to the game.  There have also been the usual modifications to existing cards and such to improve things but will functionally be the same, plus no more blank cards.  Dominion: Intrigue Second Edition had the same second edition treatment as well as changing out 7 of the 25 kingdom card types with brand new ones.  Also included with Intrigue are rules to play two games of 4 players at two tables as well as rules for playing with 6 people at one table. dom-intrigue-update-pack Both new editions of the game are hitting stores very soon along with update packs that will upgrade your first edition games to second.