New edition of The Game coming in November

September 26, 2016 - 9:39am
the-game The card game with the horribly difficult name to search, The Game, is getting a new edition.  IDW Publishing is taking this Spiel de Jahres nominated game, adding in it's expansion, and releasing it as a second edition.  Playing the game is simple with two discard piles showing a 1 and a 100, and on your turn you have to discard two cards.  On the 1 you can only play higher cards, and on the 100 you can only play lower cards, but you can't go back the other way once you play a card.  So once you play an 85 on the 100, you can't play anything higher than 85, with the only exception being a card exactly 10 higher.  If you are able to play all 98 cards you win, if you ever get stuck being unable to play, you lose.  The expansion ups the difficulty by replacing five of the cards in the game with fire cards, and if a fire card is not covered up within a turn, you lose.  Look for this new edition of the card game to hits stores in November.