New on Kickstarter from Elderwood - Scroll & Codex: Dice Tower & Rolling Tray

September 26, 2016 - 9:15am
scroll-and-codex After the success of last years project, Spellbook Gaming Boxes, Elderwood Academy has returned to Kickstarter with the equally impressive looking, Scroll and Codex: Dice Tower and Rolling Tray. Scroll and Codex, presenting as a leather-bound wooden scroll case, pulls off a classic Transformer move by magically becoming a dice tower with a simply twist of the wrist while the actual scroll inside transforms into a dice rolling tray.  The dice tower/scroll case is 10 inches tall with a 3 inch diameter while the dice rolling tray/scroll is 6.4 inches square giving you plenty of room for rolling. Currently with 8 choices of wood, 7 leathers, 8 leather arts, 9 lettering foils, 4 scroll flourish designs, & 4 scroll case cap arts, Elderwood Academy has given us a wide variety of choices with which to make the Scroll and Codex a truly personal gaming accessory, and there's more to come via the stretch goals! The project includes pledge levels for a pair of Elderwood Academy dice ($10), just the Scroll/tray ($45+), just the Codex/tower ($90+), or both ($125+).  If you are interested in learning more or, like me, just want to pledge, <click here>.