Chariot Race by Pegasus Spiele is coming at Essen

September 26, 2016 - 9:27am
chariot-race Chariot Race is a new dice game that will be released by Pegasus Spiele at Essen, and it aims to bring the excitement of chariot racing to your table.  In Chariot Race you will be using your dice to take different actions ranging from affecting your movement, gaining favor, or attacking your opponents.  On your turn you will first decide if you want to use Fortuna points to repair your chariot, then based on you current condition you determine your base speed.  That speed is both how far forward you will move on the board as well as how many dice you get to roll.  You get two rolls of the dice, keeping what you like between rolls, and then you can use Fortuna points to augment your dice.  Different actions that can come up are increase/decrease your speed, change lanes, gain Fortuna points, attack your opponents and more.  After your dice are set then you move and attack according to what actions you kept and play passes to the next person.  The game continues around and around like this until someone crosses the finish line. The game sounds like a mashup of Formula D and King of Tokyo and so has me intrigued and looking forward to it's release at Essen.