Dungeon Fantasy, powered by GURPS, now on Kickstarter

September 20, 2016 - 7:30am
dungon-fantasy-gurps GURPS has been around for 30 years now, and to celebrate that milestone Steve Jackson Games have created a comprehensive package for dungeon crawlers and fateful inn attendees. Dungeon Fantasy is a massive collection of resources for the premier tabletop gaming experience combining the best of the Generic Universal Role-Playing System with 30 years of weathered design experience and customer feedback. GURPS is renowned in RPG communities for being incredibly flexible in comparison to equally long-lived systems, allowing imagination and ambition to rule over strict rules or character stereotypes, and Steve Jackson Games say that they've streamlined this already forgiving game even further. As stated on their Kickstarter page:  It’s compatible with GURPS, but the famously detailed rules have been streamlined to be friendlier to new gamers and veterans alike. For existing GURPS fans, revisions made in response to nearly 10 years of customer feedback on the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy series – along with completely new content unique to this set – make this a “must have.” The best part is that the project, as of writing this, has funded and is merrily on it's way toward unlocking stretch goals. These goals are some of the most consumer friendly incentives I've seen, from new content delivered to backers free of charge to lowered cost of shipping when all is said and done. So if you're an established fan of the GURPS system in need of more materials, or a new tabletop gamer who's willing to check out one of the most time-tested and impressively responsive systems to date, then feel assured that Dungeon Fantasy can deliver.

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