Fantasy Flight Games adds two more ships to the Tenth Wave of X-Wing

September 20, 2016 - 7:45am
uwing Not to leave a new movie out of the fun, FFG has added two more ships to the 10th Wave of X-Wing from the upcoming Rebel One movie.  The two new ships being added is the troop transport ship called the U-Wing and an agile tie fighter called the TIE Striker. The U-Wing is a large base fighter and offers versatility in having multiple crew cards assigned to this one ship. Also available are systems and torpedo upgrades and the Pivot Wing title which can either aid maneuvering or combat. tie-striker Not to be out done, the TIE Striker is all about maneuverability and speed, allowing you to make extra moves in addition to you chosen one.  Using Adaptive Ailerons, the TIE Striker can execute a white bank turn or straight move before doing your dial movement.  Then even after that they can use the barrel roll action to re-position itself even more, making it very fast and maneuverable. For more information you can check out the FFG preview on their site.