Now on Kickstarter from Mystic Ape Games, The End is Nigh

September 21, 2016 - 2:40pm
end-is-night-comp The End is Nigh is billed as a pre-apocalyptic social deduction game where the comet that is going to wipe out all life is on it's way so off to the fallout shelters you go.  But once you are there and it's time to close the door, you realize you are over the limit of the shelter by two people.  So now you have to decide who to kick out, plus you have been hearing of a doomsday cult that is looking to sabotage shelters to make sure no one survives.  So it's up to everyone in the shelter to pick who to cast out and close the door before the comet hits. In the game you will have both a character, like scientist, athlete, or geezer, as well as a trait, civilian or cultist.  On your turn you will first question a refugee that wasn't questioned last round, asking him whatever you think will help determine his identity.  Then you will cast your vote for who you think should be exiled from the shelter, then the player you just questioned becomes exhausted for the next round.  This goes around until it strikes 6, then whoever has the most votes is thrown out, all the votes are reset and play repeats the same way for the next six in-game hours.  When the clock strikes 12, another person is cast out based on who has the most votes and then the game, and the world, ends.  It's at this point you find out who you cast out and who you kept in, hopefully it was the civilians and not the cultists. The game sounds interesting and promises to be more deduction with a social aspect than social deduction, which could be fun.  You can check out the campaign page and pledge for your own copy today at only $15..