Coming in October from R&R Games

September 15, 2016 - 1:38pm
In addition to Ulm, two other games will be coming out in October from R&R Games.  The first of those games is the family weight adventure game called Touria, a game where you are an adventuring band of heroes.  You will go around fighting dragons, collecting gems, and trying to obtain the king's blessing to marry Princess Tara, or Prince Talon if he is more your speed.  The actions you have to choose from are dictated by the four towers on the board, each one having four quadrants with different actions in each one.  On your turn, whichever actions are pointed towards you on those towers are the options you have, so tower orientation is important and will have to be a part of your plan.  It's a race to the finish and whoever gets to the castle first will be the winner. Second is Coin Quest, a bidding game where you are bidding with coins to obtain more valuable coins, and in the end have the most valuable collection.  Not much has been released about this game so I will let the publisher do the talking; A DIABOLICAL BIDDING GAME! In this winner take all game, you are a part of a mysterious cabal of elite coin collectors. Outbid and outsmart your peers in an informal auction to acquire better coins. The shrewdest collector will be the one who goes home with all the coins! Look for both these games on store shelves in October.