Climb the sky in Hop! from Funforge and Passport Games

September 15, 2016 - 1:32pm
Have you ever wondered how to get to the top of the sky? In a Funforge and Passport Games September release Hop! players are striving to be the first to get there. It’s not simply a race though. Any player reaching level seven triggers the end of the game, but the player with the most points claims the victory. To earn points, you must help others overcome challenges and climb high with you. The hardest choices will be who you help, and how you can limit the points they earn helping you. Interesting choices in a family game isn’t the only reason to want to know more. The game comes with high quality pre-painted miniatures and the art is done by Marie Cardouat, the same artist from Dixit. Keep an eye out for Hop! later this month.