New Micro Robots coming from Z-Man Games

September 13, 2016 - 10:22pm
Fans of the 1999 classic, Ricochet Robots have something new to look forward to Z-Man Games' upcoming Micro Robots. Designed by Andreas Kuhnekath, Micro Robots has two or more players once again determining the shortest moves a robot needs to make from its initial position to a randomly-generated end position. The board is created by randomly arranging four game boards in a square, with each spot on the board depicting dice numbered 1-6 in six colours. The microbot can jump either from colour-to-colour or number-to-number to reach its goal. The quickest player to determine the number of necessary moves and can demonstrate it scores a victory token, but gives one away when they are wrong. Micro Robots will come with:
  • 1 transparent robot
  • 1 starting chip
  • 1 colour die
  • 1 number die
  • 25 VP chips
  • 4 game boards
Additionally, the transparent robot can be used in games of Ricochet Robots where it has different movement criteria, bringing new challenges to that game! Micro Robots should be hitting stores this winter! For additional games from Z-Man, hit up their store here.