Santa's Sleigh Loaded with Renegade Promos

September 13, 2016 - 10:35pm
This year Renegade Games Studio is trying to join Santa's nice list with their newly announced exclusive promotional program for brick-and-mortar stores titled Santa's Renegades. Santa's Renegades is a holiday gift box chock-full of nine different promotional items for Renegade Games Studio's product line. Fans of these games are encouraged to make a purchase of at least $30 at the hobby store of Renegade titles to receive the free gift box. Promos will be included for games like: Lotus, Lanterns: the Harvest Festival, Covert, FUSE, Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society, Snow Tails, World’s Fair, Dicey Goblins, and Clank!. Hobby stores seeking to participate need to make an order of at least $350 of games from their studio, to be eligible to receive 10 of these gift boxes, with additional ones that can be purchased. For additional information, visit Renegade Games Studio's announcement page!