Coming Soon to a Game/Drug Store Near You

September 12, 2016 - 8:21pm
gotta-be-kitten Essen continues to inch ever closer and the new games keep on coming, here are four games you can look for in the coming months.  First, from Stone Blade Entertainment is a quick little bluffing game filled with adorable animals called You Gotta be Kitten Me!  In the game you are essentially playing Liar's Dice with cards where the first player makes a bid of objects or colors, and you either challenge or raise that bid.  If you challenge the previous bidder has to reveal their cards, if they were bluffing they lose a card, lose all your cards and you are out.  Look for this utterly adorable card game this month at your local retailer. grimm-tidings Next comes the game you will only find at your local Walgreens, and that's Munchkin Grimm Tidings.  This new Munchkin plays off all the fairy tales that were authored by the Brothers Grimm, so expect unicorns, evil stepmothers, and wolves.  This will be a full standalone game of 114 cards with illustrations done by the talented John Kovalic, so look for it on store shelves this fall. save-the-treasure Last are two reprints of games for younger kids from Pegasus Spiele called Save the Treasure of the Fairy Tales and Wizardry to the power of Three.  Save the Treasure is a typical memory match game, but instead of flipping tiles, you are revealing them through a slide puzzle type mechanic.  Match two images that create a full page of the fairy tale and you get that page, try to collect them all before the King returns and finds out you lost the fairy tale pages. wizardry Wizardry to the power of Three is a cooperative dice game for kids where they are trying to get back to the wizard school before the principal notices.  The problem is that the way back is through a dark forest, so they have to work together to navigate the forest and get back in time.  Both of these kids games will be available come Essen, and as an added bonus, Pegasus Spiele will be donating copies of these games to local day care centers and kindergartens.