New game in Guild Ball Universe coming in November

September 10, 2016 - 10:33am
Steamforged Games is most known for their Guild Ball game, a soccer game in a fantasy setting where more than just kicking a ball happens on the field.  Now they are delving more into the universe with their new game, Shadow Games.  In this game you come off the field and are trying to recruit the latest and greatest talent, but it takes more than just money to do it.  From the publisher: In Shadow Games, you must gather enough favors to secure the new star player for your guild.  Players use various Plot and Agent cards to bribe, steal, and earn favor, but it is not enough to simply play the cards you receive. Fortune favors the bluffers! Play a card from your hand, and call it anything you want. If you convince your opponents of your lies, you will not only reap the rewards of the card you pretended to have but also gain a powerful bluff bonus that will accelerate your victory. Just don’t get caught— it will cost you valuable favors to save face. Game is expected to take only 10-15 minutes, so if you are looking for a quick bluffing game in the Guild Ball universe, look no further.  Although you will have to wait to look for it as it won't hit store shelves until November.