Next Game in Wallet Series from Button Shy Games is on Kickstarter

September 10, 2016 - 10:22am
Button Shy Games has been making the wallet series of games for a while now and have entries like Movie Plotz, Pod-X, and Pickpockets.  Now the latest game in the series, Pentaquark, is the first solo game of the bunch, meant for quick plays on the go.  In Pentaquark you are trying to assemble a set of five quarks with 2 up quarks, 1 down, 1 charm, and 1 anti-charm.  You will do this by moving the cards through the collider and trying to confine them to be able to hold onto them for use later.  But be careful, if anti-quarks exist next to it's normal counterpart, they can annihilate each other, and if too many quarks are annihilated you lose the game. You can check out the campaign here, which ends in under a week, and get the game for a low pledge of only $9.  Also of interest is that Button Shy has started a new monthly game subscription service called Board Game of the Month Club.  It promises to have "unreleased microgames, promo cards, a newsletter with interviews and game-related comics, and big Kickstarter discounts" each month.  You can head over to Button Shy Games' Patreon page to find out more about it.