Green Couch Games Heading West with OutLawed!

September 10, 2016 - 10:11am
gcg_outlawed_3dbox Games with a Western theme seem to be making a comeback. Maybe it's the fact that an Old West themed title won the SdJ last year (Colt Express) or maybe it's just the fact that the theme is a ton of fun. The latest to jump on the stagecoach is from Green Couch Games and is called OutLawed! (Complete with an internal capital letter and an attached exclamation point. My inner editor is cringing.) OutLawed! ('s annoying isn't it?) is a social game who's core mechanic seems to be bluffing. Each player has a hand of eleven identical outlaws and each plays one facedown to the table and then you can say whatever you want about the character you played, true or not. Sounds a bit like Libertalia mixed with Sheriff of Nottingham and that's a good thing. OutLawed! (no, that's not the end of a sentence) is designed by Ryan Cowler who previously designed another Green Couch title (with the same grammatical atrocities) JurrasAttack! (and that is the end of a sentence) OutLawed! (now I'm doing it on purpose) is for 2-4 players and will be hitting Kickstarter next week, September 14. It should be coming to retail early next year.