Harald Bilz, of Heidelberger Spieleverlag, passed away Aug. 29th

September 7, 2016 - 9:56am
Last week, Fantasy Flight Games posted an obituary for Harald Bilz, a big name in the German board game market who had passed away.  Harald Bilz was the founder of Heidelberger Spieleverlag, a company that publishes the German versions of games for dozens of companies including big names like Fantasy Flight Games, Iello, and Plaid Hat Games.  Some may even know the name of the company from their King of Tokyo Promo Character they handed out at Essen in 2011.  As for FFG, they had an especially close relationship with Harald as he became a shareholder in the company when they were building capital to purchase the Star Wars license.  So understandably they are sad to see him go, but they are hopefully for the future as the company he helped build continues on in his name.