New game in the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective line is coming soon

September 8, 2016 - 6:27pm
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a very highly rated, and highly difficult, game where you put your wits up against the great Sherlock Holmes.  In the game you are trying to solve a mystery, and all you have are the clues left behind, the newspapers of the day, and witness testimonies to figure out the case.  But even with this information, there will be a healthy amount of brain power needed to put it all together.  But say you have solved all the cases in the base box, what do you do now? Asmodee has heard your cry and is reprinting the expansion to the base game called Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures.  This new box will come with 10 new cases for you to burn your brain over as you try to catch the notorious Jack the Ripper.  Also of interest is that 4 of those cases are contained in a mini campaign that takes you from the streets of London to the Whitechapel neighborhood.  Will you be able to solve the four horrible murders one after the other, or will he get away yet again? To read more about the expansion you can check out Asmodee's preview page, and look forward to it's release in the 4th quarter.