The Card Game Chocobo's Crystal Hunt

September 2, 2016 - 7:23am
crystal hunt Everyone likes helping animals, and when the animals are as cute as Final Fantasy Universe's Chocobos, it’s no wonder why players are willing to help them on their hunt. Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt is coming from Square Enix. Although it plays three to five players the publisher recommends four, ages five and up. Featuring all original artwork, this self-contained game includes Chocobos, Fat Chocobos, four types of crystals, and two types of monsters. Players use cards to send adorable Chocobos out to steal crystals from you opponents, before yours are stolen. This quick to play, family friendly game is slated for October, but Square Enix warns of a potential release delay pending shipment through customs. For more information, check out Square Enix's blog.