New game announced in Key line from Richard Breese

September 2, 2016 - 7:18am
key to the city Key to the City - London is the next game in the series of games dubbed the Key line, and it looks pretty good.  From the early pictures and description of the game it looks to be similar in play to the Keyflower game.  However, instead of building out your farm and producing goods, you will be building out your borough of London and connecting everything together in order to generate points.  There will be different types of tiles that will allow you to score points for the number of meeples on a tile, the route connections to that tile, and there are even tiles that can be upgraded twice.  As a neat little piece of eye candy, tiles that are upgraded a second time get a 3D standee of the landmark placed on the tile to indicate it has been upgraded. As a lover of the Keyflower game I am very much looking forward to a new game in the same vein, and with all the changes it should differentiate itself from Keyflower enough to warrant having both.  Look for this title to be on store shelves later this year.