Tiny Epic Western Ready to Ride this October

September 2, 2016 - 7:14am
tiny_epic_western_boxI have to admit, I was late getting on the Tiny Epic bandwagon. Despite all the good press games like Tiny Epic Defenders and Tiny Epic Kingdoms were getting, I couldn't get my head around Tiny and Epic being in the same sentence. You can't fool me, Gamelyn Games! I buckled with Tiny Epic Galaxies, however, and loved the game and, thus, I'm a Tiny Epic fan for life (or until my wife takes away my credit card). Luckily, I won't have to wait long for my next fix as Tiny Epic Western is set to hit retail in late October. Tiny Epic Western is a worker placement game in which players can knock other players off occupied spaces via duels. It also uses a poker mechanism, but it's only three cards per hand. No Aces & Eights here, folks. There's also resource management and more, which seems a lot for such a small box. It appears to be, dare I say, tiny and epic. Look for Tiny Epic Western to hit your friendly local game store on October 28 and retail for $25. https://youtu.be/SLfiCDoFk2Y