Tiki Island from Great Wight Games

August 31, 2016 - 10:21am
tiki island New gaming company Great Wight Games has launched their first Kickstarter campaign for Tiki Island. In this family friendly game 2-6 players must each get three Islander tokens from their starting island, which is being met with some huge disaster across the ocean to island directly across the board. To do this, players choose from either a basic action, or an advanced action chosen by a die roll each turn. Examples of this include playing island tokens, drawing rune cards, moving your Tiki or Islander tokens, or taking the special move action Soar. If you’re the first to get all three of your Islanders to safety, you win the game. While making your way across the ocean, your islanders will have to deal with, or take advantage of lightning bolts, flying sharks, voodoo, eruptions, and more. When describing these events, the creators called all of them synonyms for ‘Fun!’ – Sounds like a party at their place would be interesting. Tiki Island features high quality, fun artwork that brings the theme of the game alive. The team worked hard to make sure everything fit in the box, without a bunch of extra space. Included in the box is the board, reference cards, island tokens, colored dice, custom Islanders, custom Tikis, Rune cards, and rulebook. tiki island comp During the campaign, anyone who backs for a copy of the game also gets an Ancients Badge. This is a one-time exclusive reward that offers lifetime benefits:
  • Updates on upcoming projects
  • Access to play test future games
  • Early release benefits on other titles
  • Discounts on future Kickstarter Campaigns
  • One free copy of every promotional item Great Wight ever releases, shipped to your address free of charge.
For game play explanations, reviews, stretch goals, and more details, head over to Great Wight’s Kickstarter Campaign. It is live now through September 29, 2016.