New Expansions for Star Realms and Epic Card Game

August 29, 2016 - 11:35am
  blob bot Whether it's a sci-fi theme or fantasy theme that you're after, White Wizard Games has you covered with upcoming expansions for their hit games Star Realms and Epic Card Gameboth designed by Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. The first expansion is Star Realms United. This expansion includes never-before-released multi-faction cards that pair The Blobs with The Machine Cult and The Star Empire with The Trade Federation. These new multi-faction cards are sure to add new crazy combos to the quick-playing Star Realms engine. Additionally in this expansion are new hero cards as well as missions to change up the way that you play! Star Realms United will be sold in four different 13-card packs and will be available in November 2016. Next is Star Realms Promo Pack 1! Coming in December 2016, this 15-card promo pack will feature alt-art versions of previously released Star Realms promo cards including  the Battle Screecher, Megahauler, Battle Barge, and more! Lastly, we have Epic Uprising which is a four-pack 48-card expansion (similar to previous expansion releases from White Wizard Games). Each of these packs will include new Champions and Event cards to spice up the various modes of play and will force players to consider new strategies when building their decks. Each 13-card pack will come with 12 new Epic cards and 1 double-sided token. Look for Epic Uprising in November 2016!