New Additions to Munchkin

August 23, 2016 - 11:17am
Love it or hate it, the popular take that game of Munchkin, designed by Steven Jackson, continues onwards with new mash-ups and guest editions! curses First is the mini-expansion Munchkin: Curses. This small expansion comes packed with 12 new Curses, a couple of monsters, and a Curse Reverse card which, I assume, will reverse a curse! munchkin oz 2 Second is a 52-card expansion to Munchkin: OzMunchkin: Oz 2 - Yellow Brick Raid returns players to the world of Oz with even more themed-cards! wonderland Third is Munchkin Wonderland. This is a revamped version of Munchkin Treasure Hunt which is a up to 6-player board game chock-full of dice, monsters, and of course, munchkins. Themed in the world of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland novels, fans of the series and Munchkins will find something to love in this game. Last is a new guest artist edition for Super Munchkin, this one illustrated by the illustrious Lar DeSouza.  This super hero-themed Munchkin game is sure to punch a hole in your friendships as you vie for supremacy in a race to level 10. For those interested, this is a limited-run so catch it when it is released! For additional information, visit Steve Jackson Games' website here, and here.