More Details on Andriod Universe Game from Fantasy Flight

August 23, 2016 - 10:56am
new angeles board Fourth quarter this year, Fantasy Flight Games is releasing New Angeles, a game of corporate greed, requiring 4 - 6 players to bribe, manipulate, coerce, and negotiate their way to victory, all while keeping the city running smoothly. Set in the Android Universe, New Angeles, with the space elevator link to Luna, is a city at the heart of commerce housing the headquarters of the most powerful six megacops in the world. Players each take on the role of one of these megacops to out-profit the others, while maintaining order in the city. While not a fully cooperative game, and at the end, one player emerges victorious, players must work together to maintain order; too much chaos will cause big government intervention and the city will lose it’s unincorporated, special commerce zone status. If this happens, the megacorps lose profit, and the players lose the game. The trick is to make the offers to the rest of the megacorps that (at minimum) appear to be in an effort to maintain order, while still profiting from the deal. New Angeles’s rules encourage open deals to be made between players including exchange of money/assets, allowing other players to take your actions, and promise of supporting (or not supporting) a specific player. Over the course of several rounds, players take turns playing action cards that represent the offer or deal they are submitting to the group. Other players may then make a counter offer. Once either no counter offers are made, or there are two offers on the table, all players play any number of face down action cards to support one, both, or neither of the deals. At the end, if the city has not received government interference, the player who has profited the most wins the game. Check out Fantasy Flight's announcement for full details on the game.