Car Wars sixth edition delayed

August 23, 2016 - 10:54am
car wars image Last year, Steve Jackson Games reported in their 2015 Report to the Stakeholders that they wanted Car Wars Sixth Edition in stores by Black Friday 2016. This goal required the game to be sent for printing by July 2, and this month SJGames announced they would be pushing this back until 2017. What does this mean for those patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the release? The base game is reported to have been able to meet the original deadline for a Christmas release, but the game would not have had support for a while after that. What SJGames is doing instead is completing the first six months of supplements and expansions before the base game releases, and already be working on the next six months. Even though this delays the base launch, it will be much better for retailers, players, and the game itself to have a steady flow of content ready for release. Car Wars (sixth edition) will have three points of entry and has a simple creative directive: Cars. With. Guns. A Two-player Wasteland Starter set, Two Player Arenas Starter set, and Four-Player Car Wars game will be available. Combine all three and there is enough for eight players. SJGames is planning to fund Car Wars Sixth Edition in an upcoming Kickstarter project, as well as an anthology set of fiction telling a story centered on each faction, with bonus rewards for those who back both projects. Head over to Steve Jackson Games website for more details on the upcoming game and to read the delay announcement.