IELLO New Releases

August 23, 2016 - 10:16am
GenCon 2016 was an exciting experience had by many. Several new releases and announcements were made during the grandiose event. Several of which were made by IELLO. monster pack A new line of "King of" products called Monster Packs are starting the beginning of 2017. They will be $10-$15 pillow packs for King of Tokyo and King of New York containing a new monster and Evolution Cards. Each set will be a different theme, the first of which will be Cthulhu. Look for new building tiles and Madness tokens in this set! farm friends Following the surprising mid weight economic game Happy Pigs comes its first expansion, Happy Pigs: Farm Friends. Three new animals are introduced to the strategic farming game. Farmers will be able to mix and match the different animals utilizing the same rules as the pigs only now adding sheep, chicken, and cow tiles to the farm. This expansion is set to be released November 2016. mysterious forest IELLO's highly anticipated children's game line was announced along with the first game to be featured, The Mysterious Forest. In this light cooperative fantasy adventure game, players work together through 3 phases to help little Jonas cross the Mysterious Forest and ultimately face the Queen of the Draconias. The first phase challenges the adventurers to memorize the path, the second phase necessary equipment will be chosen wisely, and the third phase decides whether or not Jonas has what it takes to defeat the final boss. With a play time of 10-15 min and designed for 2-4 players, the Mysterious Forrest will challenge adventures everywhere come November 2016. The designer of The Big Book of Madness, Maxime Rambourg, and artist Paul Mafayon (known for his work on Welcome to the Dungeon) are back at it with a new card game called Arena. The beautifully illustrated card game will play over the course of two phases, the biding phase and the fighting phase. Players will compete for victory in this mythological combat card drafting game. Due to be released in 2017.