Now on Kickstarter from Brandon Rollins, War Co. Expandable Card Game

August 17, 2016 - 5:14pm
war co War Co. is a sci-fi expandable card game that plays 2 to 6 people in about 60 minutes.  In this game it is all about scarcity and managing what little resources you have to use from turn to turn.  In the game you will start with a deck of 50 cards, and it's these cards that are your life.  In order to win you have to be the last one standing by forcing all your opponents to discard cards until they don't have anymore.  This will mainly be achieved through attacking, if you attack their cards and destroy one, they discard another card, but attack them directly and they lose three.  There are also ways to defend yourself and your cards as well as lay traps in order to surprise your opponent.  But you also have to make sure you have the energy for all this, as you only get 10 energy to pass around to your forces on your turn, forcing you to pick and choose.  Then there is the fact you can only play 5 cards in a turn and you have to discard a card every turn, symbolizing the continuing decline in available resources.  So make your move or end up fading out. The game was Kickstarted once before and garnered a lot of feedback and has come back to launch again with an improved game.  Initially there will be 6 different decks available to purchase, each with their own unique style of play from the hard hitting bruisers to the tricky conspirators.  You can head over to the campaign page to check it out and back for some or all of the decks available.