Cosmic Encounter Expansion from Fantasy Flight

August 18, 2016 - 8:11pm
cosmic cons Cosmic Encounter, famously Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower’s favorite game of all time, is about to get its sixth Expansion. Fantasy Flight announced Cosmic Eons which adds all new aliens and features the Hidden Alliances variant. Using the included Alliance Dial, each player decides how many ships to commit to which side in secret. The discussion and negotiation is still a big part of the encounter, but players never know who is going to betray them until the dials are flipped and reveal the players true intention. cosmic cons cards Six of the new aliens are able to distribute Essence cards that affects the alien that receives them. One of these aliens is The Sheriff, who can force penalties triggered by actions that happen during the game. If a player has only on ship on a foreign colony, The Sheriff may cite them for Vagrancy and they must discard two cards. In classic Cosmic form, there is something for everyone in this expansion. Forced negotiations, rewards for running from battle, and a new component that is just silly enough to get my attention: The Couch. If you are lucky enough to play the Moocher, you don’t have planets to defend, so you would be forced (or is it a life choice?) to camp out on couches across the galaxy. Cosmic Eons is promised to be available in the fourth quarter this year. Read the full announcement from Fantasy Flight, and for more on the base game, check out the Cosmic Encounter minisite.