Coming Soon from Asmodee, Legendary Inventors

August 14, 2016 - 10:49am
legendary inventorys card Asmodee continues to roll out new games, and their latest, Legendary Inventors, has a bit of a worker placement flair to it.  Legendary Inventors is all about building the latest and greatest inventions utilizing the talent of famous inventors from throughout time.  On your turn you will either work an inventor, or refresh your inventors.  Working an inventor means placing your piece on the likes of Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, or Sir Isaac Newton.  Doing this generates different kinds of knowledge which are used like resources in order to complete inventions.  Each turn you can place out more tokens, but at some point you will have to collect them all back up, which is the refresh action.  Plus with some of the larger projects you will need to work with the other players to complete them, and in the end share the reward.  At the end whoever got the most points (inventions are worth points) will be crowned the greatest inventor.  Look for this game from Asmodee in quarter 4 of this year, and you can head over to their website to read more about it.