GenCon - Under the Radar Hit Is COOL!

August 11, 2016 - 10:33pm
ic001(Insert obtained from 3rd party)
While attending Gen Con, it was my intent to grab some games to draw attention to some of the buzz going on during the convention. Well, thousands of people sharing a hotel's internet connection made that difficult. I was, however, able to post a couple articles here and here. With thoughts of known hits, such as SeafallCry Havoc, Dragon & Flagon, and Oceanos that would sell out at the con (and they did) there was a game that sorta flew under the radar - and sold out; Ice Cool, an amazing dexterity game published by Brain Games and designed by Brian Gomez. Ice Cool was reviewed by Tom Vasel, at the Dice Tower, here and obtained a Dice Tower Seal of Excellence. ic002 Straight out of the box you'll notice that the game is actually composed of 5 boxes (using the box's bottom). The boxes are assembled very easily and fastened together with very neat wooden fish pieces (pictured on right). One concern might be the quality of the box and how it would wear. Not to worry - the box pieces are quite durable (sturdier material than your typical board game) and holds up to game-play quite well. ic003 The goal of the game is to capture your fish by flicking your player piece through doorways and obtaining victory point cards. Each person will take turns playing the role of "catcher" trying to flick their piece at others. The components are amazing. The fish tokens are high quality and fit snugly on the walls. That said, the player pieces are cute little penguins that are weighted uniquely-making flicking them fun and exciting. The game is extremely easy to teach and quick to play (ramping up just slightly with more players). It also supports 2 player game-play. ic004 The game was a super-hit with my children and, as an adult, I had an extremely fun time playing with them. My original intent was to discuss just what a hit this game was at Gen Con. I was extremely lucky to grab a copy before it sold out and glad that I caught on to the buzz before it did so. Having had the opportunity to play it, I can completely understand the buzz and this easily is my family's favorite "family game" of the year. Congratz to Brain Games on the success at the convention!