CMoN and Fishwizard Games Partner to Publish Gateway: Uprising

August 14, 2016 - 10:39am
gateway uprising In yet another market move, CMoN has entered into a partnership with Fishwizard Games to publish their upcoming game Gateway: Uprising.  Gateway: Uprising is billed as an area control deck building game set in a steam punk world where magic exists, but has been all but outlawed.  As described in the press release; Gateway: Uprising places players into the roles of competing factions of rebellious wizards attempting to re-take their city, one district at a time from the oppressive Chancellor and his regime, who have outlawed magic for everyone but themselves. And although the players’ objective is to expel the City Guard from the Districts, they must also contend with a horde of monsters called the Druegger, whose sole purpose is to destroy the city. The game has amazing art and will support up to 4 players ages 14 and up.  The release date is currently set for the first quarter of 2017 so we still have some waiting to do before this game is available to buy.  You can read the full press release on CMoN's website.