Pyramid Arcade hits stores in September

August 9, 2016 - 11:44pm
The recently Kickstarted game Pyramid Arcade will be coming to stores come September, and according to Looney Labs policy on the game, only to brick and mortar stores.  Pyramid Arcade is the boxed edition of the Looney Pyramids game system which includes all the boards, dice, tokens, and pyramids you will need to be able to play over 22 different games.  Some of these are simple like Ice Dice and Color Wheel, to more complex games like Martian Chess or the heavy strategy game Home World.  Many more than 22 games have been created for the pyramids and this boxed set will allow you to play those as well, you just have to get the rules yourself.  Of course Kickstarter backers will get the game ahead of this date, but come September the game will be available to all of us.