Cool Mini or Not's new releases coming this September

August 8, 2016 - 12:49pm
the others The first week of September will be bringing three new original titles from the publisher Cool Mini or Not - The Others: 7 Sins, Looterz, and Unusual Suspects will all join CMON's ever growing catalog of quality production titles. Note that the release date has currently been confirmed to be September 2nd, but there is always a possibility for delays in the shipping process. The Others: 7 Sins is a Kickstarter success coming to retail showcasing the quality miniatures CMON is known for, all under a new theme and graphic style. Designed by Eric Lang, one player will control the physical manifestations of sins while up to 4 other players control heroes seeking to suppress and interrupt their invasion. Featuring a modular board and elegant, fun combat mechanics you can expect from an Eric Lang design, The Others offers a lot to be excited about. looterz In Looterz, 2 to 6 players race to empty a cavern with the most loot in tow using their looting minions strategically to grab as much as possible, or even steal from other players. Each game will have players recruiting the eponymous looterz, activating them in any desired order, and rolling dice based on the looterz stats to determine the amount of loot grabbed. unusual suspects In Unusual Suspects, one player is a witness and up to seventeen others are suspects. Only the witness knows who the guilty party is, but can only answer simply and concisely. The other players must use these answers to find out who among them is the truly guilty party. The game can be played competitively or cooperatively, with the latter being played using a grid of suspects and the witness only being able to answer in a yes/no fashion. If interested, be sure to look for these titles at your favorite retailer soon. Be sure to follow The Dice Tower's new Instagram page for the latest pictures of the hottest games!

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