Another wave of Second Summoner decks coming for Summoner Wars

August 4, 2016 - 7:16pm
8 summoner bundle Summoner Wars, the head to head magical army battling card game is getting more second summoners to expand the already impressive line-up.  This set of second summoners will include everything you need to play with these new decks, given that you have a base set to go with it.  This will also expand the number of cards you have for each of the factions to be able to build your own decks and increase variety.  The factions being released are: All of the decks are currently up for pre-order on the Plaid Hat site, and if you pre-order the whole set they will also include copies of the 4 promo champions that have been produced.  As for when they will arrive in stores, that should be very soon as they are currently on a boat from the factory.