Coming Soon from 3DTotal, Wizard's Academy

August 4, 2016 - 7:25pm
wizards academy Wizard's Academy is a medium weight cooperative game where one to six players are wizards in training, collectively trying to accomplish a goal be it defeating an enemy or passing an inspection.  In the game each player will be moving around the school, collecting glyphs and other items to be able to cast spells.  The interesting thing is that at first the effects of the spells are unknown as you are casting them for the first time.  But as the game goes on you learn what each one does and how it might hurt or help you in your final goal.  The game continues until you either accomplish your objective, or all the elements and monsters you have mistakenly summoned reduce the building to rubble. The game was successfully Kickstarted last year and now that everything is fulfilled they are turning their focus to selling them at retail.  Look for this game to hit stores at the end of August.