Fate of the Elder Gods from Greater Than Games

August 3, 2016 - 9:44pm
fates comp Richard Launius, designer on hits, such as Arkham Horror, is revisiting Lovecraft in a new Kickstarter that is currently live. Fate of the Elder Gods is a 1-4 player game that has players take on the role of cultists with the sole objective of awakening the one they worship to bring an end to mankind. Fate is to be published by Greater than Games, famous for games such as VivaJava: the Coffee game, Bottom of the Ninth, and the newly released New Bedford. Players move around areas of a Fate Clock shaped board in an effort for area control to activate Astral Symbols and ready power spells. Once a spell is readied, it may cast at any time, and help in readying future spells creating an engine of power. As more and more cultists create activity at a location, investigators will be attracted to put a stop your evil machinations. Too much activity may cause an investigator to raid your lodge and place Elder Signs to slow, and eventually stop you from summoning your Elder God, thus, ending the game. If your cult is able to build their Summon Track to 9 before investigators and Elder Signs they win, and the world ends. The game contains:
  • 19 inch by 22 inch (480x550mm) quad-fold playing board
  • 80 Cultists
  • 25 Investigators
  • 2 Cthulhu Fate Piece markers
  • 65 Euro mini-sized Spell cards
  • 20 square Artifact cards
  • 20 Euro mini-sized Curse cards
  • 16 Euro mini-sized Gate cards
  • 8 player reference cards
  • 8 Elder God Lodge boards
  • 8 Elder God Selection cards
  • 10 custom dice
  • 4 Track tokens
  • 40 Elder Signs
  • 6 Squall tokens
  • 18-page rulebook
The campaign ends on Aug 19, so go head over to their Kickstarter Page for all the details.